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Frequently Asked Questions

It is jewelry that is custom fit and is welded around your wrist, neck, or ankle. There is no clasp and will be permanently on your body until you cut it off.

No, not at all! It is a quick, easy process and we take special safety precautions to protect you.

Prices vary depending on the item. Please refer to our price sheet.

Once you confirm that the sizing is correct and we cut the chain, the sale is final.

We have a two week guarantee for eat weld. If your permanent jewelry breaks at the weld spot, we will reweld it at no charge. If it breaks at any other spot, it will require an assessment for repair.

You can cut the chain off with cutters or scissors.

No, we will only weld the chains that we sell.

With parental consent, we will weld anyone over the age of 3 years old. Anyone under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Yes, TSA allows customers to wear jewelry through airport security.

We suggest purchasing a piece containing a clasp from our online shop.

Yes, simply purchase a gift card for the amount you would like to cover! We recommend at least $50-$100.

We recommend you consult your doctor about removing your permanent jewelry during your X-ray or MRI. If your doctor requires you to remove the item, make sure to cut if at the ring, store it safely, and bring it back to us for a re-weld!